Advanced Features Elevating Performance

Forecasting and Quantification

Calculation of requisitions, orders and forecasts, using factors like average monthly consumption, wastage rate, actual stock and custom variables, allowing users to make manual adjustments when needed.

Reporting & alerts

Medexis boasts a sophisticated array of reporting features designed to empower users with comprehensive insights and facilitate informed decision-making in logistics.

Replenishment Management

Automated or manual replenishment, driven by real-time consumption and stock data, for push and pull procurement models and product bundles.

Order Fulfilment

Automation of inventory allocation based on FEFO (or FIFO), prioritizing first-to-expire items and excluding any expired inventory.

Receipt of Packages

Scanning or minimal-click registration and receipt of health commodities allowing comprehensive inventory management and consumption tracking .

Inter-facility transfer

Empowerings health facilities and supervisory structures to coordinate the redistribution of health commodities to better meet demand.