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Medexis strives to transform logistics within the public health services sector by providing transparency and visibility, particularly at the last mile, to enhance accessibility and minimize wastage. Experience the efficiency of an integrated solution that facilitates seamless coordination across the entire logistics spectrum.

Our advanced technology not only supports accurate forecasting and stock management but also empowers healthcare professionals with real-time insights that lead to better decision making capacity, reducing wastage and optimizing resource allocation. Medexis is your partner in navigating the intricacies of the last mile, making sure healthcare resources are where they are needed most.

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Why Choose Us

Medexis principles


By prioritizing user experience and efficiency, Medexis aligns its design with the unique needs of health professionals, to contribute to a more effective and enjoyable utilization of the platform within the healthcare ecosystem.

Integrated & Holistic Approach

Medexis offers a comprehensive solution to address the prevalent challenge of disconnected inventory management systems in national storage and distribution setups

Single Data Entry

When using Medexis, data is only entered once, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and consistency in information management. This way the likelihood of errors is minimized, promoting the integrity of the data.

Real-Time Reporting

Medexis introduces a paradigm shift in the realm of Logistics Management Information Systems (LMIS), challenging conventional approaches that primarily focus on periodic reporting.

Cloud Based System

The cloud-based approach to hosting involves minimizing customer investment in servers and installation efforts, while offering users immediate availability of updates, releases and improvements.

Universal Access

Medexis functions as a progressive web application (PWA), guaranteeing accessibility on any device and operating platform. Its offline operation feature ensures availability even in the most remote areas of a country.