We believe in a world without unmet medical needs

Medexis strives to transform logistics within the public health services sector by providing transparency and visibility, particularly in the last mile, to enhance accessibility and minimize wastage.

Experience the efficiency of an integrated solution that facilitates coordination across the entire logistics spectrum.

What We Offer

Solutions Responding To Your Needs

Digital Analytics

Empowering Proactive Decision-Making Through Real-Time Data Analytics and Reporting.

Unified Platform

Bring together multi-programme stock management, storage, distribution, commodity planning and data analysis — all in one place.

Data Exchange

Facilitate national integration through API interoperability across a diverse array of systems.

Why Choose Us

Medexis principles

We recognize the critical importance of reaching every corner of the healthcare system, ensuring that medical supplies respond to actual need and seamlessly navigate the intricate network from warehouses to the point of care.

Universal Access

Access to vital information across health levels on any device or operating platform, with or without internet.


Highly customizable and aligned to the unique needs of health professionals.

Minimal Data Entry

A single data entry point saves valuable staff time time while enhancing accuracy and consistency in supply chain management.

Quality Assurance

Medexis is equipped with a quality assurance function, enabling users to conduct routine spot checks on the facility's available stocks.

For more information on licensing, customization, or to schedule a system demo please contact the Medexis Team​.

Making Innovation Simple

Tools Available on Our Platform

Warehouse and Storage Management

Medexis offers flexibility in defining storage structures for each facility within the national supply system, accommodating diverse settings like Central Medical Stores, district stores, hospitals, clinics, and health centers.

  • Warehouse and storage management
  • Inventory check in
  • Consumption and dispensing
Reporting & alerts

Medexis hosts a sophisticated array of reporting features designed to empower users with comprehensive insights and facilitate informed decision-making in logistics management.

  • Consumption Reports
  • Requisition Satisfactory Report
  • Budget Report
  • SMS Alerts
PowerBI Analytics

Medexis leverages the robust capabilities of PowerBI for advanced data analytics to enhance visibility and decision-making processes for supervisory level users. The interactive dashboards and reports generated by PowerBI offer a comprehensive view of logistics performance metrics.

  • Stock on Hand
  • Months of Stock Available and Usable (MSAU)
  • Identify potential bottlenecks in the supply chain
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