About Medexis

Medexis is a next-generation logistics management tool for the (public) health services industry comprising all procurement, storage & distribution and health services operations on a single platform. 

Seamless platform access through web application, as well as, mobile devices guarantees access to key information at all levels of the health pyramid and at all times. 

The Medexis APP allows offline operations in case of intermittent data connectivity. 

Various core principles, extensive field experience and specific stakeholder data needs, have been at the basis of development of this modern 'end-to-end' product tracking system.


Range of features

Medexis comes with a wide range of features tailored to operational needs of all levels of the health pyramid. Combining different operating systems, such web-technology and Android, Medexis offerings can be made available irrespective the challenges of country's most rural areas, even allowing off-line operation. 

End-to-end application

Being an 'end-to-end' product tracking application, its supports from 'grass-root' level to national operations, from essential medicine (revolving drug mechanism) to multiple vertical health programs, as well as health facility storekeeper to MOH's Chief Medical Officer. Defined by user role, functionality will be enabled to support staff’s logistic activities and responsibilities both at (intermediate) storage facilities, as well as health facilities. Functionality supporting procurement management, inventory control & management, pharmacy operations, replenishment operations, transport management and health facility supervision, as well as reporting and alert modalities and performance management are making Medexis one of the most comprehensive platforms on the market today. More detail is available in the features section.


Medexis is offered as ‘Software as a Service’, a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. For more technical and/or pricing information and potential access to the Medexis demo instance, please click the button below to fill out the demo request form.

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