Software as a Service

Access to Medexis is subject to an annual subscription fee, which includes the Medexis functionality, database management and maintenance, hosting, 2nd line support and access to upgrades and new functionality. This basically narrows the customer’s budget elements to costs of internet connectivity and mobile internet, cost of computers, tablets and/or smartphones and 1st line helpdesk operations.

Much, if not all, of these will be recovered by significant cost reductions related to pre-printed logistics stationary (bin cards, tally sheets, registers) and increased supply chain efficiency (reduction of stock-out/expiries, improved storage balance, increased product availability and more accurate consumption-based forecasting & quantification, resulting in effective procurement). And, although difficult to quantify, the benefits of accountability excellence towards development partner organisations.

Due to its fit-for-purpose nature, the time and cost of technical implementation will be limited, whereby more attention will be given to change management and system training, as well as the mobilization of a country-based first line support. For more technical and/or pricing information and potential access to the Medexis demo instance, please fill out the demo request form.

Medexis is offered as ‘Software as a Service’, a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. This reduces customer investment in servers and installation efforts. Central hosting also improves operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the entire customer base, as system monitoring, maintenance, backup and improvements are centrally done by high-skilled specialists. Cloud-hosting also guarantees unlimited system capacity, as the number of instances will automatically adjust with the actual demand.  System up-time is guaranteed as it is virtually hosted in multiple hosting centres, reducing risks to operations.

Medexis is using a 2-tier support model, in which customer staff will be trained on the provision of 1st line support in the country of use. A second line support function is provided at Medexis central level, of which the costs are included in the subscription fee.